Dunatool is a software that analyses, diagnoses and validates embedded networks (CAN, LIN, MilCAN, J1939, Flexray, IP) automatically. Our tool can be customised. Plugins can be added on demand or you can select among a wide range of functionalities (downloading tools, diagnosis, calculator simulation...).

Dunatool is multiplatform, comes in multiple languages and is compatible with the most used CAN and LIN cards.


Supported hardware

Dunatool works with the main communication cards available on the market (Vector, NI, KVASER, exxotest...).


Standard functionalities

Dunatool offers a wide range of functionalities through plugins that are developed around the acquisition and the generation of signals for embedded networks.


Spy plugin

The Spy plugin enables to track and analyse the trames circulating on the communication bus. The interpretation and real-time diplaying of the data is made through database with standard formats (.dbc, .ldf, .xml...) or proprietary formats.



The easiest way to create scenarios thanks to our calculator simulation engine.



Allows to develop interactive interfaces for grafics control.



Embedding different diagnosis protocols for the automotive field (UDS & Keyword Protocol) that can be accessed via an easy-to-use and customisable Human-computer Interaction.



Enables to generate periodical and circumstantial frames.


To graphically visualise the evolution of the signals.



To analyse the bus charge. On-demand modules

Complementary functionalities such as fbl downloader (a plugin allowing to download the ECUs based on the manufacturers specifications).

FBL Designer

Generation of downloading files.



- Enables communication with embedded calculators through 3g.

- Logic and Analogic Input/Output Control.

Our scripts

The script engine based on the PAWN language enables :

- The writing and versioning of the validation scenarios.

- To automate the validation

- To easily add functionalities specifically designed to your needs.


Dunatool is customisable and evolving. It can bear different functionalities through on-demand plugin adding.



Along with Dunatool, Dunasys offers a CAN/LIN interface on USB ports. Our interface is designed with two channels, each having one CAN HS/LS, one LIN, two Inputs and two tri-state logic outputs.

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